Producing Line

Production process

    •  Weighing and measuring 
    • Quantification of materials: cement, water, chemical, sand and gravel. The materials must beproper and clean.
    • Mixing : Mixing all the material for a certain of time to reach the the highest effectiveness.
    • Cage assembling: Welding and forming steel cage.
    • Fitting:  Assembling the cross shoes for both ends and welding joints to formatted core and put the assembly into mould.
    •  Concrete placing: Measuring and checking concrete mixture before pouring into the mould.
    • Tensioning of P.C bar: Put calculated tensile force to PC bar to get tension.
    •  Compaction by spinning:Rotate mould in the centrifuge to achieve pile’s thickness and compression and to make cylindrical shape.
    • Steam curing: Cure with pressurized steam of 85°C
    •  Prestress inducement: Give stress by undoing bolts by which tension was built up.
    •  Mould removing: Get product out of mould.
    •  Inspection; Air curing: After checking the surface, taking to preservation.
    •  Shipping: Products are shipped on shipping inspection in accordance with customer’s request.