PJ Vina - Welcome Our chairman - Mr. Song- Dong-chun to Vietnam.

All employees of PJ Vina had had a warm meeting with the Chairman of PJ Vina - Mr. Song-Dong Chun in the intimate and cheerfully atmosphere. During a short period of time in Vietnam, Mr. Song has created a reasonable welfare reform, rewarded and encouraged the employees. His pats on worker shoulders which full of love and expectations, promote teamwork, dedication and creativity of workers as well as officers.

As the chairman of Poong Jeon - a very popular group of non-ferrous metals in Korea, Mr. Song – Dong -Chun, who has a profound vision and strategy, has chose PHC piles to be the first field to invest in Vietnam, with absolute confidence in  the miracle growth of construction industry in Vietnam, believe in the perfect quality product of PJ Vina, will satisfy the domestic market and furthermore in Southeast Asia, creating permanent value and always directed towards its future - What Poong Jeon always choose as a guideline during the operation and development.
Every employee of PJ Vina with enthusiasm and spirit, willing to dedicate unanimously, without stopping, for our  PJ Vina’s sustainable future - permanent - development.