Vietnam is a very potential country, a promising land of the investors and constructor by the tremendous growth in terms of both economics and infrastructure. A country is gradually changing with great buildings by the passionate hearts, the dedication yearning minds willing to create a future of prosperity and development.

In the same desire, we - the leading specialist in the production of PHC piles from Korea - has brought the technology platform for the most advanced production from our hometown, along with passion and relentless innovation, after nearly 10 years, we are proud of our process in creating a product range exceeding quality standards - bring eternal value, longevity, serve the works class, bring satisfaction and build trust in reputable contractors nationwide.

Originated from a reputable platform of Halla Viet Nam, with robust economic potential, strong investment effort with the proper orientation of the parent company – Poong Jeon Corporation - Korea, PJ Vina moving and increasing our commitment in enhancing company’s position to a new level.

  Understand the geological characteristics and environment of each locality, especially the Vietnam Southeast region where the geological is weak, fragmented and near the saline waters, causing many difficulties for construction unit in the creation of the foundation. The difficulties has become a great motivation for our experts to focusing on research, experiments and since 2008, PJ Vina had brought to market our PHC with the concrete grade of 800 kg/cm2 - which is considered as the optimal intensity for soft soil type as the southeastern provinces and coastal areas.

In addition to quality, we also understand the concern of investors, from the requirements of quality, balance of price, cost of construction and working process. PJ Vina PHC Piles are increasingly received attention and trust from customers not only because of the quality, but also by the extremely reasonable prices, stabilization, and maximum limiting the effects from market fluctuations.

PJ Vina always listening and receptive to the comments in response to the needs of our customers, the most flexible and responsive, transforming ourselves into a partner, effectively supporting customer - is the main principle our activities.